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  1. Health News

  2. Eleby Washington

    Dr. Eleby Washington, MD

    Dr. Eleby R. Washington graduated from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1977. He works in Marina Del Rey, CA and 1…

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  3. OSHPD – Pre Session Questions


  4. Test CDU Career Day Highlights

  5. Affordable Care ACT

    The Affordable Care Act – Better vs. Nothing

    When the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare started it wasn’t smoothly. The computer system didn’t work well and only 106,000 people signed…

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  6. International Comparison Healthcare Spending

    Healthcare Facts You Should Know

    America spends more per capita on health than all other countries in the world. America has the highest infant mortality rate among 23 other industrialized…

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  7. Disparities in Healthcare

    Disparities in Healthcare

    Disparities in quality of healthcare are common: Black, American Indians or Alaska Natives received worse care than Whites for about 40% of measures. Asians received…

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  8. cdu_erka_siever_mph

    Erika Siever, MPH, Health Education Administrator

    Erika Siever, MPH, Health Education Administrator A Master of Health Administration provides several professional options. As an educator you can provide patient education of staff…

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  9. Next Career Day

    Next Career Day

  10. CDU Admissions

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